Podcast 044: Opera on Tap with Anne Hiatt and Sarah Noble
Podcast 043: Mark Adamo’s Becoming Santa Claus
Episode 042: Matthew Aucoin’s “Crossing”
Podcast 041: Wake the World
Podcast 040: Rachel J. Peters
Podcast 039: Women in Opera—Live from The National Opera Center
Podcast 038: Alan Dornak and Countertenor Culture
Podcast 037: Robert Paterson and David Cote, Three Way
Podcast 036:Opera and Accessibility with Katherine Dubbs
Podcast 035: Paola Prestini and The Aging Magician
Podcast 034: Mohammed Fairouz, Machiavelli and Geopolitics
Podcast 033: M. Lamar and the Prototype Festival
Podcast 032: Holiday Party with Royce Vavrek and Jonathan Blalock
Podcast 031: Stewart Copeland
Podcast 030: Nkeiru Okoye, “Harriet Tubman: When I Crossed That Line to Freedom”
Podcast 029: Supersize Relaunch Show with Donnacha Dennehy
Podcast 028: There are more things in heaven and earth, opera fan
Podcast 027: Composer Huang Ruo
Podcast 026: “Houston We Have A Problem” and Niloufar Talebi
Podcast 025: The Prototype Festival and more
Podcast 024: Andrew Rudin, Met Opera Petition
Podcast 023: Theodore Morrison’s “Oscar” at The Santa Fe Opera
Podcast 022: Lawrence Edelson of American Lyric Theater ALT
Podcast 021: Opera and Society and More
Podcast 020: Baroque is New!
Podcast 019: The Most Beautiful Thing
Podcast 018: Podcast 18 Experiments In Opera
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Podcast 016: Oscar Break! And Elena Langer’s “Four Sisters”
Podcast 015: Opera Acting Technique
Podcast 014: Song from the Uproar & Indie Opera Contest!
Podcast 013: DramaWHA? Cori Ellison on Dramatugy
Podcast 012: Interview with Neal Goren, conductor of Nico Muhly’s Dark Sisters
Podcast 011: Tons of News and Le Donne Curiose
Podcast 010: What did you do last summer?
Podcast 009: Opera in Alternative Spaces, and Summer Festivals!
Podcast 008: Nico Muhly, Paula Kimper, Richard Brooks
Podcast 007: Soldier Songs and Maren of Vardo
Podcast 006: Invisible Cities, Clarence and Anita, VOX 2011 feedback
Podcast 005: Yoav Gal
Podcast 004: VOX 2011 Preview, Paola Prestini, Royce Vavrek
Podcast 003: Lawrence Harris
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Podcast 002: Twila Ehmcke, Robert J. Bradshaw, Misha Penton
Podcast 001: Our First Show