Episode 80: dwb (driving while black) with Karen Slack, AKEEN, & UrbanArias

We welcome the creative team and star of dwb (Driving While Black), the new UrbanArias-produced film adaptation of the recent one-woman opera by Susan Kander and Roberta Gumbel. We are joined by Du’bois and Camry A’Keen, director and art director; Robert Wood, conductor and Artistic Director of UrbanArias; and Karen Slack, soprano. We learn how this timely and moving piece was created, and the ways that the medium of film enabled the creators to use dance and imagery to delve deeper into the emotional layers of the story. Maestro Wood talks about how he plans to expand the community conversation about the piece and the various ways it could be presented to the public. Karen Slack also gives us insight into how she prepares for emotionally demanding roles and the origin of her popular Kiki Konversations on YouTube. This episode is a fascinating peek into how opera is increasingly entering the world of music video and film as it responds to the major issues of our time.

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