Soprano Ashley Galvani Bell, Antón Armendariz Diaz of Divaria Productions

LA VOIX HUMAINE – Divaria Productions

Divaria Productions presents La Voix Humaine by composer, Francis Poulenc and librettist, Jean Cocteau in a bi-lingual production sung in French and spoken in English combining the operatic monodrama with the original play as part of the 2019 New York Opera Fest
Performances are:

June 25th & 27th at 8pm
BAZA Studios
34-36 West 32nd Street, 4th Floor.

The underlying questions in “The Human Voice” are What is love? Is all the suffering of “She” really worth it? And most importantly is the form that love takes different for a man and for a woman? These are the questions that drive this production. Two people interpreting the same character, living parallel lives, through a mirror, until circumstances lead them to make different decisions. This duality opens a world of existential metaphors. Is he her? Or is she him? Both are the same person, whether male or female: they are just living emotions.
Nicolò Sbuelz, Conductor
Antón Armendariz Diaz, Director
Michal Gizinski, Elle (actor)
Ashley Galvani Bell, Elle (singer)


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