The New Indie Opera Podcast

We’re back and we’ll be recording at the National Opera Center on September 15, 2016. ¬†Join Noah Lethbridge, Walker Lewis and Me (Peter Szep) on our new show, with our guest Paul Fowler, composer of “Behold The Man,” which tells the story of a a valiant attempt to fix an ancient fresco which went terribly wrong, but saved a small Spanish village.

Our new show will be recorded in a recording studio that will give more options to add new features, like some live performance or even video. As always Brooke Larimer will be joining us also in future episodes which we are hoping to record monthly and create new audiences. So please make sure that you have subscribed to our feed which as always is available through iTunes and Stitcher.

We’re very excited to start this new phase of the Indie Opera Podcast. Keep listening!


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