Podcast 18 Experiments In Opera

Lots of talk about recent shows, plus an interview with Aaron Siegel composer of “Brother Brother,” and Jason Cady composer of “Happiness is the Problem” about Experiments in Opera. We also talk about recent productions:

  • American Opera Project’s Curiouser and Curiouser An Opera-Burlesque Circus in Wonderland
  • Lowell House’s production of N. Rimsky-Korsakov‘s Snegurochka
  • The Center for Contemporary Opera’s NewOp Week
  • Verdi’s Macbeth at The MET
  • Porgi and Bess on Broadway
  • RENT
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1 thought on “Podcast 18 Experiments In Opera

  1. A very enjoyable show, although the last two interviews were kind of boring (no offense). Peter, thanks for FINALLY mentioning “my friend Steve,” especially since you and I work at the same office and share our love of music. I know you are always pressed for time in the Podcast hour, but since you talk pretty fast (as do I), if you ever DO mention me again, try to run it by me at work. It would have taken only another 20 or 30 seconds to mention that the two best productions of “Samson et Dalilah” are the one by the San Francisco Opera and the one by my hometown Tri Cities Opera in Binghamton, NY. BOTH productions have spectacular temple crashes where EVERYTHING comes falling down at the end. And Noah, even though we don’t know each other (yet?), thanks for commenting on the ridiculous 8 seconds of temple crashing. I’ll never understand why Saint Saens wrote it that way, unless back then, they didn’t have the stagecraft to show it in detail so he had to bring down the curtain really fast.

    And thanks for creating such interesting and entertaining podcasts–I’ve been a listener ever since your first one, and they certainly make my boring Sundays out in NJ much more enjoyable!


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