Podcast 19: The Most Beautiful Thing

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The Most Beautiful Thing: Peter, Walker Lewis and Erasmo Guerra, listen to full tracks that composers have sent in of the “Most Beautiful Thing” they have ever composed for an opera. We have full samples from:

  • Paola Prestini, “Anninnia” from Oceanic Verses
  • Dan Shore, “Trevor’s Testimony” from “Lady Orchid
  • Aaron Siegel, “Sparrow Song” from “Brother Brother
  • Mohamed Fairouz, mvmnt III. Audenesque
  • Jeff Myers, “Here I Am” from Maren of Vardo
  • Jonathan Dawe, parts of Cracked Orlando
  • Paula Kimper, Bridge Scene from The Bridge of San Luis Rey
  • Missy Mazzoli, “You Are The Dust” from Songs from the Uproar
  • Ricky Ian Gordon, “Hallie Ann” from Rappahannock County

Lots of great listening and conversation, this is a great way to hear the amazing variety of work out there.

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