Podcast 6: Invisible Cities, Clarence and Anita, VOX 2011 feedback

We have a great show full of interviews and tons of talk.

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  • Apollo and Daphne, Clarence and Anita
    Underworld Productions Poster

    First we tackle an overview of VOX with some lively discussion between Peter and Noah

  • An interview with Christopher Cerrone with soundclips from rehearsals for “Invisible Cities”
  • A Double interview with Ben Yarmolinsky and Gina Crusco about Clarence and Anita (yes Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill!).

For Tickets and information about Apollo & Dafne + Clarence & Anita, June 8-9, 2011, a double bill of Handel’s 1710 cantata and the stage premiere of Ben Yarmolinsky’s 2010 opera of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill story.

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