Podcast 5: Yoav Gal Interview

As part of our Vox 2011 Preview, we interviewed Yoav Gal about “Three Weeks” which will be at Le Poisson Rouge on Sunday May 15 at 7:30. We discuss two of his operas: Moshe, with clips featuring Hai-Ting Chinn and Heather Green; Three Weeks which will have selections on Sunday.

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Heather Green as pharaoh's daughter, Bitia
Heather Green as pharaoh’s daughter


1 thought on “Podcast 5: Yoav Gal Interview

  1. Hi Noah and Peter- I am having a great time listening to your 4th and 5th Podcast . I find Yoav Gal’s video opera Moshe amazing . I can’t believe how much ground you have covered in less than two months. I knew little to nothing about what is developing in operaland , now I can actually follow different composers . Beautiful compositions that are unique to each individual composer’s background and style and so relevant to what we think is sad or funny or whatever today! I enjoyed the comments about opera and humor. So there is a possibility that I could go to an opera and actually really laugh? Thanks Suzanne

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