Second Podcast – Twila Ehmcke, Robert J. Bradshaw, Misha Penton

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On This Show:

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4 thoughts on “Second Podcast – Twila Ehmcke, Robert J. Bradshaw, Misha Penton

  1. Hi Peter and Noah- I enjoyed your second podcast! It made me late for work. Two artist discussing these contemporary works is so much more refreshing than all the historical relevance and comparative discussion you read in many reviews. Does it work as as artistic endeavor and why? I love that question simple ! I also love to hear the clips before (more clips please). When you hear the composer speaking about their intent it hooks you into to wanting more. Hannah Lash’s personal focus on what it means to be a beast. You guys have a great rapport! Suzanne

  2. Bravissimo, Peter and Noah! I have been following your podcasts and they are fascinating! Can you send me a contact for the composer on your last broadcast (the one who wrote the piece for the Soprano and Mezzo and that you saw in Brooklyn in a very wonderful accoustic space)? What GORGEOUS music and I would like to be in touch about mounting a project for SFBOC. If this composer reads your comments section, maybe we can connect this way.

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