Podcast 21: Opera and Society and More

A conversation about opera and strippers, Vancouver, American jobs, Dee Dee Ramone, Anna Nichole Smith, Dancing With the Stars, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but mostly about opera. We cover the gamut in a conversation that had to happen, and could only happen on the indie opera podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 21: Opera and Society and More

  1. Hi! loved to hear your streams of thoughts. Just had to say that Angry Birds are not necesserely ART but can be seen as sports. well all depends on how narrow or wide is your defenition of ART vs SPORT. it’s defently enterteinment, sport and art are enterteinment, but.. hmmm…

    1. I was listening to this podcast as I am in a long car from Münich to Berlin. I fell asleep in half way through and woke up hearing u talking about rupaul! But anyways, europeans just have a whole support system (social health and comfortable income security) that makes it ok, or bearable, or still livable, to live even when they havent made it to realizing their dreams. also, not neceseraly connected I think that its sooo important to talk about opera singing as a carrer or proffession. it’s true that like every artist they are atraggeling, but I am sure and it’s known that ‘maintaining a operatic voice costs sooo much money and so many more hours of practice and mastering the instrument, that its just a really interesting sociological phenomena. just practicing between geegs, shows or any performance is a full time job by itself.

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