The First Indie Opera Podcast is Live!

Here it is! Noah and I have finally made our first Indie Opera Podcast. We had a great time making it and hope you will subscribe to it. [Subscribe Me]

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We have submitted our podcast to iTunes and we hope it shows up there soon!  On this episode:

  • We ask people on the street, “What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Opera’?”
  • Why “Carmen” is a better opera for newbies than”La Boheme”
  • We discuss the new opera “The Secret Agent” by composer Michael Dellaira with a short audio clip (Who’s name I mispronounce! Sorry maestro.)


Our First Podcast

We are optimistically numbering the episode #001, help us reach that goal by listening. If you have any comments, suggestions, submissions or flame-outs please email us at

Next podcast we will have more music, interviews, and a discussion on the 2011 VOX Contemporary Opera Lab.

4 thoughts on “The First Indie Opera Podcast is Live!

  1. Dudes, am I a bonehead, I can’t list to the podcast. It tells me I downloaded it, but then silence……..

  2. Peter! This is FANTASTIC! I’m starting an opera company this year – The San Francisco Bay Opera Company and we are planning our first season! We’re opening with a trio concert of opera selections for two sopranos and a mezzo soprano, in concert at Pacifica Performances and also Old First Concerts June 11-12. This podcast sounds marvelous. I will cue all my opera friends out here so look for a bunch of subscribers in a bit.

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