REVIEW: Rev. 23

Rev. 23 at Prototype Festival by Gregory Moomjy Sitcom fans who also have a soft spot for Jean-Paul Sartre are a rare breed. Yet, for those that do, this year is bittersweet. NBC’s The Good Place is currently in its fourth and final season. Despite its many moments of low brow humor, the basic pitch […]

REVIEW: Magdalene

Magdalene at Prototype Festival by Gregory Moomjy Despite all the chronological milestones that were recently achieved, the new year, a new decade, 2020 marks one important milestone in American history which should not go unrecognized. A century ago, in 1920 Congress ratified the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Appropriately the classical music […]

REVIEW: Blood Moon

Blood Moon at Prototype Festival by Gregory Moomjy Opera is full of ghost stories. Throughout the centuries audiences have thrilled to Lucia going insane while being tormented by the spirits of Scottish paramours or watching the Flying Dutchman’s quest for unconventional love unto death. In more modern times, the ghosts in John Corigliano’s Versailles have […]

REVIEW: Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni at Bronx Opera by Gregory Moomjy It’s scary to think that it is almost ten years since I was in college. As a budding musicologist it should come as no surprise that I took an Introduction to Music History and to this day one assignment stands out. Our professor instructed us to write […]

Iron & Coal: Jeremy Schonfeld and Kevin Newbury

Prototype Festival 2020, January 10 & 11, 2020 JEREMY SCHONFELD, Composer, Creator & Performer is a singer/songwriter, composer/lyricist, producer, mentor, teacher, and actor. His concept album “Iron & Coal”, produced in Vienna, Austria with producing partners Beat4Feet, was nominated for several Amadeus Awards, and in May of 2018, a multimedia concert-event based on the album, […]